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Yoga Privates

Schedule an appointment to work together for the wants and needs of your individual body.  Yoga was meant to be a 1:1 practice with the teacher.  We want the practice to create balance rather than imbalance.  I integrate both Yoga and Ayurvedic Sciences.

Upper Back Massage


Integrative techniques to heal your body.  My specialty is working with sports, injury rehab, and pain management.  I integrate Thai bodywork with other body work techniques.


Malas, Jewelry, Spoons

I create malas, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces all out of stone or gems.  I also wood burn spoons to bring love and healing to your food.


Regular Classes

Unfortunately, due to covid, I am not teaching any regular classes.  An online zoom class may begin this Fall 2021.



The power of healing through music is amazing!  Keep posted for any Kirtans scheduled.



Due to covid, there are no workshops currently scheduled.  Are you looking for a special workshop to be scheduled?  Click on the button below and let me know!

Zesa Wellness

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